The advantages of horizontal soil sealers

The technique of water glass might be new to Australia, but has well-proven its worth in the Old World, especially in the wet land of The Netherlands. The water glass technique was familiar and known, but the founders of Soil-ID have completely redefined and adapted it to the current level: perfected, automated and state of the art!

The advantages of water glass injection in comparison with other methods to realize underground construction pits:

  • The groundwater level in the surrounding area isn’t influenced, so there is no consequential damage as a result of lowering the ground water level;
  • The soil is dry when removed, so this limits freight traffic;
  • The construction site is more compact because the technique doesn’t require lots of space and there is no need for storage of sludge;
  • High production because of the highly advanced injection system;
  • By the use of GPS in determining the injection point a greater accuracy is achieved;
  • Shorter construction period;
  • The soil can be fully loaded after only a day time;
  • This water glass technique is more cost-effective because the efficient method of work in comparison with alternative methods;
  • Mobile Dewatering supports with both the soil injections and the draining of the soil on top of the water-repellent layer;
  • Creates a dry construction pit;
  • Will reduce the building period in most cases.

Unfortunately the horizontal soil sealer isn’t applicable in volatile soils like clay amongst other.

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