Placing horizontal soil sealers is highly specialized work. With the collaboration of Soil-ID and Mobile Dewatering geotechnical professionals in theory and practise are gathered with contractors with field experience. With this combined knowledge we give advice that is supported with theory as well as practical experience.

In the early stages of preparing new buildings, our knowledge can be of use. For instance tot test if our technique is applicable for a specific project or help to identify the requirements. For example: It could be that the sheet piles are set on a certain depth for the construction, but must be placed deeper also restrict the water-repellent layer. The sooner we are involved, the more valuable and constructive our advice will be and we might even help to prevent unnecessary costs.

Our advice and calculations are always based on thorough soil investigation. We can perform these investigations or we can be contacted after the soil investigation is done. Our investigation or not: we can assess the investigation and the results and translate it to a good and practical advice.

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