Constructing underground and uses

Space to build is becoming increasingly scarce and the available land is becoming more expensive, particularly in urban areas. This adds to the financial appeal of underground construction and to an increasing extent even necessary.

The major concern with underground construction is its complexity. In some cases dewatering is not an option because lowering the groundwater level has possible (unfavourable) consequences for the surrounding area. Possible costly claims can be made due to these effects.

Horizontal soil sealers with water glass have many advantages and little disadvantages. The only condition is the presence of an injectable layer of sand beneath the construction pit. The method for horizontal soil injections is simple, effective, computerized accurate and reliable.

Soil-ID has successfully executed hundreds of projects in the Netherlands since 2009. Soil-ID has proven to be a reliable partner for the Dutch Railways amongst others. It is important for the Dutch Railways to limit inconvenience for train travellers when projects near the rails need to be executed. Soil-ID’s high accuracy and high operational speed has helped to realize many projects like rail tunnels without delay.

Soil-ID has a proven track record with the occasional surprising projects. For example the project the Stone Age.

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