Horizontal soil injections


Horizontal soil injection as a technique is known for a long time in Europe, particularly in The Netherlands as a land of water. Soil-ID Netherlands has successfully perfected and mostly automated the ‘old’ technique.


In practice

When the sheet pile wall or deep quay wall has enclosed the construction pit a mixture of water glass and hardener is inserted in the ground through injection lances. The water glass fills the pores between the grains in the sand and dissipates the water that might be present. Every injection forms a spherical body in the ground. The connecting spheres form a water retaining carpet that retains rising groundwater.  It takes only one day for the water retaining layer to reach its full strength. After that the construction pit can be excavated, though there must remain a layer of sand as ballast on top of the water retaining injection.

In 2009 Soil-ID has combined a well-established technique with new tools like GPS and other digital techniques. This resulted in increased accuracy and more capacity than ever before. Soil-ID has provided a good alternative for existing water barriers as clearly proven in the practice of Dutch underground construction. Enough reason for Mobile Dewatering to join hands with Soil-ID and to bring this technique into practise in Australia.

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