Water glass

Water glass is a transparent liquid, as the name suggests. The chemical name is sodium silicate. Water glass is made by coalescing soda ash and sand under high temperatures. This process is similar to how glass is made, hence the name water glass. The material is liquid and clear.

Contrary what the name suggests, water glass is water-repellent. It is injected deep into the ground an forms a dense carpet allegedly, which effectively holds back the rising groundwater. This method is also known as ‘permeation grouting’. The water glass is mixed with a so-called ‘hardener’, because without this hardener the material will be too fluid. Blended with the chemical hardener the water glass forms a somewhat flexible layer. This layer remains long enough to give builders ample time to finish an entire building on top of this underground water-repellent layer.

This method gives the opportunity to build more secure, in less time and at lower costs. This can be said in light of the experience, inter alia, in the Netherlands with its high groundwater level.

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